Hotel Review Hampton By Hilton, Birmingham Broad Street, West Midlands, UK

Welcome to room 707 at the Hampton by Hilton, on Broad Street in Birmingham, UK. There is two of us staying here for one night, bed and breakfast. And with a NHS discount this room has costs with breakfast for two people, £93 in total. Which to be fair for Birmingham, it’s not the cheapest city to stay in, with breakfast included it’s not bad.

So upon entering the room just here, immediately to your left there is a couple of drawers in like a bit of a wardrobe space. And a safe that you put your own code in, above it. On the other side is a huge mirror, massive. And a couple of plug sockets immediately next to the flat screen LG TV. Tea and coffee making facilities. A little work station area. Mirror, again. Chair with a foot stool and a very nice, plump double bed. Nice bit of artwork above it. It’s a very tidy room, it’s not a huge room but it’s spacious enough. And the furnishings are very nice and up to date. You can see on the left side there, there is a telephone clock radio type thing, actually it’s not a telephone, it’s just a clock radio. A plug socket on that side of the bed. And a plug socket on that side of the bed, and that is in fact where the telephone is, just there.

So good in terms of facilities, a nice room with a high floor and a view. Well we’ve got room on the 7th floor, and it’s night time there’s not … the most amazing views. It is raining, it’s the middle of winter. But there you go. Birmingham by night. Okay. So … oh, and there’s also air conditioning for your comfort. All right.

So we’ll look in the bathroom. So the bathroom is white, and bright, and shiny, and all right. See the clean shower, you got shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Interesting, this is quite a nice thing. The taps are there, so you’re not having to stand under the shower and get freezing cold water blasts when you turn it on. That’s well thought out. A couple of hooks, we like hooks. And then down here you will see that the shower is a proper shower, a nice big shower tray. No bath, no step over. Just a very small step up. Another mirror. Redwood Originals, Sons of Anarchy. And then down here we’ve got a nice sink, speckled. And a toilet, towels, etc., etc.

So, all and all, [inaudible 00:03:54] is so far. I’m going to have a [inaudible 00:03:59] shower and do a little bit more filming, and see the sights of Birmingham tonight. We’re off to see Lady Gaga. See you later, kids.