Clayton Hotel Birmingham

Hi, everyone. I’m Emma. And today I will be showing you some clips that I’ve put together of a hotel that we stayed in back in April of this year. The hotel is called the hotel which is in Birmingham in England. This was our second stay at this hotel and we will definitely be returning in the future due to it being so close to the Bullring Shopping Centre and Central Birmingham. When you check into the hotel, you will be given a card which is the key to your room. You can put this card into the wall which will then operate your lights, air conditioning, and also the heating.

I’m now going to show the executive room. We stayed in a city room on a previous stay. The only difference I could find between the two rooms is that the executive room seemed to have better furnishings. As you can see the room is of a good size. It comes with a large comfy bed, nice furnishings, and also soft lighting. We found that the room is kept to a very high standard and is very clean. They cater for people who like to read with bedside lamps. And they also provide some magazines that contain information around what is happening in Birmingham at the current time. In this room there is a feature wall. And the bed actually sits proud of the wall itself. Behind the wall there is a wardrobe which contains a full size iron and ironing board, a small amount of hangers, some extra towels, and also a full size hairdryer.

In the executive room there is a 40-inch TV which is mounted to the wall. I think this helps make the room feel a lot bigger rather than having a separate unit just for the TV to stand on. This room has some extra seating area which is a bonus. And also the key features of this room is the telephone system. You’re able to call for room service, check the weather forecast, operate the lighting system, turn the do not disturb sign on or off. And it also contains some extra information about the hotel that you can read up on. All rooms come with tea and coffee making facilities. And in our room there was free complementary bottles of water. Below there was a separate cupboard to put your belongings away. And underneath that, there is a safe which is complementary to use. I must add that wifi is available in the room and is also free of charge.

This was a view from our room. And as you can see the Bullring Shopping Centre is not too far away from the hotel. To the left of the Bullring Centre you can see the Selfridges carpark. If you use this carpark, I recommend that you ask the reception staff at the hotel to validate your ticket. This will reduce the cost down to five pound per exit. This is regardless of whether you stay for one night or a week so is really good value for money.

There is a desk area in the room with the added bonus of quite a large mirror and also a lamp. The hotel provides you with details on how to use the technology in the room and also in-room dining information. As this was our second stay at this hotel, it was really nice to have a little personalised note from the manager herself. Next to the desk area is sockets and ports to plug in your electronic devices.

The next part of the room towards the bathroom, which in my opinion is the best part of the room, there is a large mirror that doesn’t steam up and a very modern tap and the sink. Hand soap, a shower cap, and tissues are provided. And there is a shaving point on the wall. There’s also speakers in the bathroom which links up to the channel that is playing on the TV in the main room. This is a volume control that operates the speakers. As you can see the bathroom is kept to a very high standard and is very clean. There is a modern toilet and also a large walk in shower. The shower is very easy to operate using the dials on the wall. There is two attachments to the shower, one overhead and the other to the side. There’s also a small bottle of shower gel and shampoo provided.

There is a gym onsite which is open 24 hours a day where treadmills, cycle machines, and weights are available to be used. Water and towels are provided and music is played through builtin speakers.

Next I’m going to show you what is offered during breakfast. Breakfast is an optional extra to your booking. And hopefully I can help you decide whether or not you want to op for this added extra. Breakfast is provided on a buffet basis so should you be extra hungry there is nothing stopping you going back for more. There is an English breakfast offered which consists of sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hash browns. A selection of bread is available along with a range of jams and a toaster is also provided for your use. Muffins, pastries, and croissants are offered as well as a selection on fruit, ham, and cheese. A choice of cereals is available and tea and coffee is also provided.

Thanks everyone for watching this video. I hope you like it. I hope to provide more of these in the future so please stay tuned.

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Okay, it’s Luxury Fred and our adventure here in Edinburgh, Scotland continues. We have left the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, The Caledonia and now we are going to spend a few nights here at a very full new boutique property called The Principal. The Principal, and we are here on George Street, which I have not explored before. We are down the street from a big statue. There’s a big very cool looking church nextdoor, and another Georgian building over there and I think the building the hotel was in, was a bank.

Okay, so here we go into The Principal Edinburgh.

And I am wearing this cool antique top hat, because it came with this beautiful suite here at The Principal Edinburgh, George Street. So I’m going to give you a tour of my suite, which is number 103. I’m going to take off the hat.

So again, I’m here in Edinburgh, Scotland and this is a very cool boutique hotel. The immediate vibe I got from this hotel as soon as I started talking with them about visiting was excellent. The minute I walked in the door the vibe I got was excellent, that this is a great, cool, hip boutique hotel, beautiful accommodations and most importantly, staffed with people who both enjoy their job and care about their job, and care about focusing on one thing, which is providing each guest, no matter what their agenda, what they’re here for, leisure, pleasure, business, whatever, family, to make sure that that guest has the best experience possible. I really got that vibe. I got that feeling as soon as I walked in the front door here.

So again, this is my suite. This is suite number 103. The hotel is divided into two sections. The main central part, which I’ll be showing you some other video as part of this tour, the main part is a former insurance bank building, built in 1880. There is a wing of about 220 rooms that was built in the 1970s, kind of a modern wing. And then I am in the suites and junior suites which were created from three probably Regency period townhouses. So, this room retains the period molding and details and fireplace, and really kind of reflects the history of Edinburgh and of this specific property. Again, these were three private mansions that have now been combined to form part of this hotel.

This painting of this lovely lady is not specifically been identified, but they believe … They found this in one of the townhouses when it was converted into a hotel and they believe this was one of the former residents of one of the townhouses.

So again let me give you a tour. This is suite 103. So we have this large living area. Very stylish and contemporary, very high quality furniture. You know the couch isn’t saggy and things like that. Everything is really nicely done. This hotel was renovated under when … I believe it was about an eighteen month long renovation and just re-opened in November of 2016. So we have cute little touches that remind us we’re in Scotland, like this silhouette of Scottish dogs. We have the tartan on the pillow here and then we have, I believe this is a representation of the thistle, which is the flower, the national flower of Scotland. We also have a print of Robert Bruce, one of the countries great poets and writers. We have these two cool display cases with antique books, some antique drink decanters and some other kind of knick nacks that again bring the history of the building and this area into the room, including the andirons and that box down there.

Trying to think what to show you first. So we have another one of these display cases here. Again, this is The Principal, Edinburgh, George Street and it’s called that because as you can see here, we are right on George Street, which is one of Edinburgh’s main shopping and restaurants and clubs and things like that. Kind of one of the city’s main commercial streets and it’s a beautiful sunny day outside and a lot of people out exploring the city.

So again, we have this nice seating area, kind of in the living room here. Over here we have this nice hamper of local products that the hotel has kindly left for me. We have some pastries and cookies and chocolate that’s made in Scotland and apple and marrow chutney and this is some kind of interesting soda and a very nice note from the general manager. And the general manager gave me a great tour of the entire property top to bottom and explained the history of everything and it’s always great when I visit a hotel, as I was saying before, where the people that work at the hotel, whether it’s the housekeeper all the way up to the general manager, have a passion, a passion for the property, for making sure it’s the best it can be. And again as I said before, for making sure that each guest has that perfect experience regardless of why they’re in Edinburgh. And the hotel also heard that I liked red wine, so they left me some nice bottle of Pinot Noir.

So we have a work desk over here. Again, some cool antique suitcases as well as some antique books on the desk. And I was looking through these. These are actually fascinating natural history books from the middle of the nineteenth century, 1892, with all kinds of animals and plants in them.

Something cool here at The Principal, now The Principal, they have I think it’s three or four other properties in the UK. They have a property that they’re working on in Glasgow and I think they have hotels that are open in York and Manchester and then they’re about to open one in London. So again, they’re all The Principal London, The Principal York, The Principal Manchester and they have a couple more that are about to open up. All kind of historic, grand beautiful hotels that have been totally modernised and done in a stylish way as well.

Something cool here at The Principal is they have the red phone, the hotline. And instead of a bunch of different buttons for room service and valet and housekeeping and this and that and the other thing, all you do, you pick up the phone and you hit zero and it’s a single point of contact for whatever it is you need. You need something brought to your room that you forgot, you hit zero and they take care of it. You want room service, they take care of that. Anything is just through that simple, single point of contact to make everything easier. And I just had a fabulous Caesar salad for lunch.

Something else that’s cool in all the different guest rooms is this thing called a tuck box. And here in the UK, tuck means to kind of snack on things. And so this is free, complimentary little cookies and snacks and candies and things like that. So instead of putting them in the mini-bar and charging them for you, they’re all complimentary. You of course have a fancy tea service including a tea caddy to keep your tea warm, and something else that I’ve learned is that these Principal … The Principal coffee mugs have images that reflect the different cities where The Principal hotels are. So this is horseracing … Yeah, I think that’s horseracing. Then this is a ship and I’m not sure which Principal cities those two represent.

Coming back into the foyer here, kind of the entryway, again this is suite 103, we have a big closet here with a large safe and then additional storage space under here. Something interesting that I just learned is that there’s been some celebrity guests in this suite, including recently George Clooney stayed here.

So moving along into the little hallway here, again we have this beautiful oil painting of a mystery lady. We step into the fancy, stylish bathroom. Look at that nice antique style soaking tub, have the lavatory over there, stylish vanity. At The Principal they use ELEMIS amenities and this large marble shower here with the head, big shower head up there as well as the one on the wall. And again, beautiful marble walls and this is a very cool floor tile that almost looks like wood, but it’s tile I think.

And they we have wide planked hardwood floors here. And then moving into the bedroom of my beautiful suite here, you can see that we have these great views again overlooking George Street, right across from The HardRock Café over there. You can see the tour buses going by. Windows are double glazed so it’s very quiet. Can’t hear the traffic outside at all. And hopefully in the introduction to this video you saw a beautiful drone shot of the façade of this neo-classical building.

The center building here used to be a insurance company building and so we have these grand Roman columns across the front of the building along with a row of flags.

Big, comfortable bed. Again, reminding you that you’re in Scotland with the artwork showing, I believe that’s the Scottish Highlands, possibly Loch Ness and a nice, comfortable bed with three, six, eight, ten pillows. Ten pillows. And again, the hotline phone right there. We have a cool, kind of a little ladies dressing table here and this comes up with a mirror so you can do your makeup or you hair. For guys or gals. Not just ladies.

Then over here, we have a seat and my luggage. We have a nice framed flat screen TV and then in the bedroom here, we have another wardrobe which includes a Dyson fancy fan if it gets too hot, although the room does have very nice air conditioning. And there’s my drone which created the beautiful façade shot that hopefully you’ve already seen as the introduction to this video.

So again, very stylish, large, elegant, yet comfortable bedroom here. Suite 103, The Principal, Edinburgh, George Street. And as I had showed you before, one of the cool accessories is this antique beaver felt, which is the strange fur on the outside, hat, which to me looks more Regency, like the early 1800’s. The hat came in this very cool traveling hat box and the hat fits in there and then this goes on top. And if you were rich traveling with your hat in the eighteenth or nineteenth century, you have a brass plate up the top there, and your hat fits in this, which you can see was in the Royal … Was on a steamship in the cabin and so very cool antique traveling hat case.

So that concludes the tour. Suite 103 here at The Principal, Edinburgh, George Street.

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Sandy Lane A Luxury Resort in Barbados Kuoni Travel

Dream Barbados, think Kuoni. Set in spacious grounds on the white sands of St. James beach on the west coast of Barbados, you’ll find the famous Sandy Lane resort. Approximately 45 minutes drive from the airport, Sandy Lane is acknowledged as one of the very best hotels in the world. Located on a stunning, fine, white sand beach, Sandy Lane offers complimentary windsurfing, snorkeling, or Hobie Cat sailing. Motorized water sports, including water skiing and jet skis are available at a supplementary cost.

If you prefer to swim in fresh water, then take to the pool and swim in the serenity of the tropical gardens. Two 18 hole championship golf courses offer challenging play and wonderful views. The 47,000 square feet spa, fronted by a spectacular waterfall which cascades into the large, free formed swimming pool, is quite magnificent. Each treatment suite has a private garden for relaxation, whilst some even have a private outdoor hydrotherapy pool.

Treatments are as varied as you would expect, and highly skilled therapists make sure each pampering experience is one to remember. The spa encompasses a café, swimming pool, relaxation room, and impressive fitness center. There is a fully supervised children’s club for three to twelve year olds, offering arts and crafts activities as well as drama, sports, and games. There is also a teen club. Nanny services are available for children under three at additional cost.

An impressive sweeping staircase leads to the terrace and restaurant, which offers exclusive dining by the seafront. A sumptuous buffet lunch is served daily, and by night there is formal and informal dining, including barbecues to buffets. And an excellent a la carte menu.

Casual beachfront dining can be enjoyed at the beach bar, while other options include the pool bar, spa café, and the country club, overlooking the golf courses. Live evening entertainment, including a jazz band, is enjoyed around three times a week. Sumptuous rooms and suites are impeccably furnished with careful thoughts being given to every convenience and comfort. All are air condition with ceiling fan, telephone, stocked bar, plasma screen television, DVD CD player, oversized marble bathroom with bath and separate shower, and a large terrace, or balcony.

Orchid rooms overlook the tropical gardens, and ocean rooms enjoy sea views. Luxury ocean rooms are a little more spacious. One or two bedroom suites, penthouse suites, and a villa sleeping 14 people are also available. Set on the white, gleaming sands of the exclusive west coast of Barbados, Sandy Lane is known for extravagance, smiling service, and an air of exclusivity. Popular with the rich, the famous, and the discerning traveler, this remarkable resort stands in a class all of its own.

No one knows the planet like us. Visit soon.