Malmaison Hotel Edinburgh

Looking out on to Leiths stunning waterfront The Malmaison Hotel has located perfectly just minutes away from many of the top bars and restaurants that Edinburgh has to offer. As well this it is only a few miles away from all of the top attractions in Edinburgh such as Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace making this the perfect place to stay when you are visiting the Capital.


Bar and Restaurant

Although situated close to a number of top bars in Edinburgh the Cocktail Bar at the Malmaison is up there with the best of them in is ever popular with both guests and members of the public who want to relax and sip cocktails in a classy venue. During the summer months, the waterfront terrace is open and is the perfect place to catch some sun whilst hanging out with friends and enjoying a few drinks.

As well as the popular Cocktail Bar, the Chez Mal Brasserie at the Malmaison is the perfect place to relax and grab a mouth-watering lunch or dinner from the wonderful menu on offer. Also on offer at the hotel is some wine tasting where you and friends can try some of the finest wines from all over the world and gain knowledge on them by listening to the chief sommelier.



The Malmaison has over 100 wonderfully designed and modern rooms and suites available. These rooms and suites all come with great perks such as free Wifi, 24-hour room service and also same day laundry service so not to worry andy problems and the staff at the Malmaison will be on hand day or night to help you out. A key feature in the rooms at the hotel is the furniture. The stunning and modern furniture supplied and fitted by Lakeland Furniture adds that touch of class to the rooms and will make your stay that bit more luxurious.

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If you would like to book a room at the Malmaison Hotel then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hotel Review Hampton By Hilton, Birmingham Broad Street, West Midlands, UK

Welcome to room 707 at the Hampton by Hilton, on Broad Street in Birmingham, UK. There is two of us staying here for one night, bed and breakfast. And with a NHS discount this room has costs with breakfast for two people, £93 in total. Which to be fair for Birmingham, it’s not the cheapest city to stay in, with breakfast included it’s not bad.

So upon entering the room just here, immediately to your left there is a couple of drawers in like a bit of a wardrobe space. And a safe that you put your own code in, above it. On the other side is a huge mirror, massive. And a couple of plug sockets immediately next to the flat screen LG TV. Tea and coffee making facilities. A little work station area. Mirror, again. Chair with a foot stool and a very nice, plump double bed. Nice bit of artwork above it. It’s a very tidy room, it’s not a huge room but it’s spacious enough. And the furnishings are very nice and up to date. You can see on the left side there, there is a telephone clock radio type thing, actually it’s not a telephone, it’s just a clock radio. A plug socket on that side of the bed. And a plug socket on that side of the bed, and that is in fact where the telephone is, just there.

So good in terms of facilities, a nice room with a high floor and a view. Well we’ve got room on the 7th floor, and it’s night time there’s not … the most amazing views. It is raining, it’s the middle of winter. But there you go. Birmingham by night. Okay. So … oh, and there’s also air conditioning for your comfort. All right.

So we’ll look in the bathroom. So the bathroom is white, and bright, and shiny, and all right. See the clean shower, you got shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Interesting, this is quite a nice thing. The taps are there, so you’re not having to stand under the shower and get freezing cold water blasts when you turn it on. That’s well thought out. A couple of hooks, we like hooks. And then down here you will see that the shower is a proper shower, a nice big shower tray. No bath, no step over. Just a very small step up. Another mirror. Redwood Originals, Sons of Anarchy. And then down here we’ve got a nice sink, speckled. And a toilet, towels, etc., etc.

So, all and all, [inaudible 00:03:54] is so far. I’m going to have a [inaudible 00:03:59] shower and do a little bit more filming, and see the sights of Birmingham tonight. We’re off to see Lady Gaga. See you later, kids.

Review Surtees Hotel, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

There’s the Surtees sign on Dean Street, above the green [inaudible 00:00:17]. But to get to it, on foot, don’t go down there. Go on the archway here and turn right.

Welcome to room four of the Surtees Hotel in Central Newcastle upon Tyne, Northern England. I’ve just arrived. Had a fairly traumatic time finding it with my luggage. I ended up going the … lallying up lots of steps with the suitcase when I didn’t need to. Not every well-explained information wise on getting here but I managed it in the end.

I’ve checked into my room. The receptionist was very friendly and I’ve paid 45 pounds per night with for this room, no breakfast included. It’s 7.50 if I want to have it.

So what do we get? Well first of all, we get this massive bed. Three pillows wide. That’s pretty good. I’m fairly impressed with the size of the bed and the room deco? Well, it’s green. I’m not going to say. They’re going for boutique-style. They’re not quite there yet. There you go. A little bedside light on. It’s a pretty old building. In fact, it’s a very old building and it’s a bit … to be honest, it’s a bit worn around the edges and a bit grubby in places and to try and polish this into a boutique-style hotel is something of a challenge. They’re halfway there but they’re certainly, by no means, finished. The lift itself is archaic. I’ll show you in a little while. I don’t like it at all. I know it’s an original feature but I really don’t like it. I’m glad I’m on the first floor because I probably won’t use it again after I filmed it next.

So the rooms are very high. You can see we got this very green theme going on. I feel like I’m inside a pea. I asked for a room on a high floor with a nice view and I got a room on the first floor with a carpark view. Nice.

So what else do we get in the room? Well, we got a flat screen TV, just here. Tall mirror here. Cloaked sockets down there. More cloaked sockets near the door so that’s four in the main room. Another one down there. Five in the main room. So in fact, seven in the main room. So that’s plenty of plug sockets for people with things to charge like phones, et cetera.

Other than the TV, the other features include the full-length mirror, the little radiator which for it size is surprisingly long. The room is extremely warm and it’s very cold outside. You need to use your … a card to get the electric working. It’s just for the electric. It’s a separate key, obviously, to get in the room.

There’s a desk with kettle and tea and coffee making bits and pieces there. There’s also information about Newcastle and the hotel itself just there. And then we have the bathroom which is a small room, just to point out, a very small room but definitely the best feature is that massive bed.

So the bathroom, again, they’ve gone for the ultra modern boutique style so we’ve got the very nice sink and a brown theme going on here. Shaving plugs. Toiletries, freebies just there. Here’s your little toilet. Mirror. Hello. Nice big shower head. I like that. That’s a good feature which I’m hoping gives me a nice rainforest type shower and the bath underneath. No non-slip mat so that’s an issue. And … oh, towels. I was going to say no towels but there they are. Plenty of towels actually on the bed.

So I’m impressed with the bed. I’m impressed with some of the design and décor features such as the bed head at the end there and the curtains are nice on the curtain pull. But as for the rest of the building, I’m going to reserve judgment for the time being and sort of see if it grows on me over the next 24 hours.

And just here, we have the wardrobe which isn’t a wardrobe. It’s a just place to put luggage which I have done. So I’m not quite sure what this diagram’s mean to represent. Perhaps it’s the fire escape route. I’m in four. I need to go out and turn left apparently. I’m pretty sure that isn’t compliant with health and safety laws but I think I get it.

All right. I’ll show you around some of the other parts of the hotel.

Okay, I’m just in the bathroom and I’d like to point out a little feature I didn’t point out earlier. And that’s the back of the bathroom door which somebody’s nicely kicked in it looks. So not very good. Does make you have a bit of confidence issues in your room when leaving stuff in your room when you’ve got people in there doing stuff like that.

Let’s get you around the corridors. A bit of a maze. And apparently during nighttime, this door locks to stop people getting out of the lift and to the rooms and there’s a code that I don’t see how or where. Oh, there it is. There’s a code there and a keypad, okay.

So this is the lift. You can see they refabbed the outside. It’s a part of the cage. So you’re going to press the call button. And then you can see what happens here. So you’ve got to open that one and that one and this one out. It might like fun because it’s an original feature, et cetera. When you’ve got suitcases and stuff, it was a pain in the backside to be on this. Now nothing’s happening. The lift was manufactured in 1923. It is preserved with national heritage. And if you don’t close both doors, other people can’t use it. So I’m not sure what’s going wrong here. Let’s try again. Here we go. Gee. All right.

So it sounds busy enough down here.

So back to character, just not for practical.

So that’s my hotel outside at night. And my room is the one to the left of the peaked arch at the bottom.

Clayton Hotel – Birmingham (Was La Tour) Room Tour

Hi, everyone. I’m Emma, and today I will be showing you some clips that I’ve put together of a hotel that we stayed in back in April of this year. The hotel is called the Clayton hotel, which is in Birmingham in England. This was our second stay at this hotel, and we will definitely be returning in the future due to it being so close to the Bullring Shopping Center and central Birmingham.

When you check into the hotel, you will b given a card, which is a key to your room. You can put this card into the wall, which will then operate your lights, air conditioning, and also the heating. I’m now going to show you the Executive Room. We stayed in a City Room on a previous stay. The only different that I could find between the two rooms is that the Executive Room seemed to have better furnishing.

As you can see, the room is of a good size. It comes with a large, comfy bed, night furnishings, and also soft lighting. We found that the room is kept to a very high standard and is very clean. They cater for people here like to read with bedside lamps, and they also provide some magazines that contain information around what is happening in Birmingham at the current time.

In this room, there is a feature wall, and the bed actually sits proud of the wall itself. Behind the wall, there is a wardrobe which contains a full size iron and ironing board, a small amount of hangers, some extra towels, and also a full size hair dryer.

In the Executive Room, there is a 40 inch TV which is mounted to the wall. I think this helps make the room feel a lot bigger rather than having a separate unit just for the TV to stand on. This room has some extra seating area, which is a bonus, and also the key features of this room is the telephone system. You’re able to call for room service, check the weather forecast, operate the lighting system, turn the do not disturb sign on or off, and it also contains some extra information about the hotel that you can read up on.

All rooms come with tea and coffee making facilities, and in our room there was free, complimentary bottles of water. Below there is a separate cupboard to put your belongings away, and underneath that there is a safe, which is complimentary to use. I must add that wifi is available in the room and is also free of charge.This was the view from our room, and as you can see, the Bullring Shopping Center is not too far away from the hotel. To the left the Bullring center, you can see the Selfridges’ car park. If you use this car park, I recommend that you ask the reception staff at the hotel to validate your ticket. This will reduce the cost down to five pound per exit. This is regardless of whether you stay for one night or a week, so it’s really good value for money.

There is a desk area in the room with the added bonus of quite a large mirror and also a lamp. The hotel provides you with details on how to use the technology in the room and also in-room dining information. As this was our second stay at this hotel, it was really nice to have a little personalized note from the manager herself. Next to the desk area is sockets and ports to plug in your electronic devices.

The next part of the room tour is the bathroom, which in my opinion, is the best part of the room. There is a large mirror that doesn’t steam up and a very modern tap and sink. Hand soap, a shower cap, and tissues are provided. There is a shaving point on the wall. There’s also speakers in the bathroom which links up to the channel that is playing on the TV in the main room. This is the volume control that operate the speakers. As you can see, the bathroom is kept to a very high standard and is very clean. There is a modern toilet and also a large walking shower. The shower is very easy to operate using the dials on the wall. There is two attachments to the shower: one overhead and the other to the side. There’s also a small bottle of shower gel and shampoo provided.

There is a gym on site, which is open 24 hours a day where treadmills, cycle machines, and weights are available to be used. Water and towels are provided, and music is played through built in speakers.

Next, I’m going to show your what is on offer during breakfast. Breakfast is an optional extra to your booking, and hopefully I can help you decide whether or not you want to opt for this added extra. Breakfast is provided on a buffet basis, so should you be extra hungry, there is nothing stopping you going back for more. There is an English breakfast offered which consists of sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, fried egg, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hash browns. A selection of bread is available along with a range of jams, and a toaster is also provided for your use. Muffins, pastries, and croissants are offered as well as a selection of fruit, ham, and cheese. A choice of cereals is available, and tea and coffee is also provided.

The Pullman Hotel Liverpool & What’s Nearby

Today we’re going to be visiting the Pullman Hotel in Liverpool and showing you a bit about the hotel and what’s nearby.

So we’re about to go into the Pullman Hotel.

And we get to the reception. And that’s the bar and Dukes restaurant.

Welcome to the Pullman Hotel, this is the executive suite. As you walk in there’s a small room of the toilet, with a sink and a jazzy mirror. You carry on walking through and there’s a liver bird cushion by Roxiie’s treasures. It’s quite amazing how big this room actually is, because being a suite, it actually feels like a studio apartment. This is a sculpture by a famous artist. So we carry on walking through and we’ve got a bit of a desk area where there’s a magazine and some information from the hotel. We’ve got this private room which is set off from the rest of the suite, with a table and chairs where you can have something to eat. And a lounge area with the television, coffee table, and another liver bird cushion. And some lovely pieces of artwork. So we carry on through to the main part of the suite which is the bedroom, where we have quite a big sized tele and a lovely big, huge bed which is looking out onto the BT convention center and the Liverpool wheel.

So if we come round again, you get all your coffee and wine and all the refreshments in the room. And you’ve got the bedside telephone and docking stations. So here we are with more of Iron Men cushions and the Liverpool skyline cushions from Roxiie’s treasures on the sofa. And then you have a selection of magazines to read while you’re here at the Pullman with your stay. So we go into the main bathroom now, you have his and hers sinks, and a large selection of towels. And you have a very nice, deep bath to relax in while you’re here in Liverpool. And then you’ve got his and hers bathrobes to enjoy, and then you’ve got an extra toilet and a big, big shower to enjoy. So hopefully you will come and visit the Pullman hotel, this is the biggest room in the hotel so I hope you enjoy and check them out.

So next to the Pullman Hotel is the exhibition center, Liverpool. So this is the river Mersey, and as you can see it’s a lovely day, there’s the BT convention center. As you can see the Albert dock is nearby to the Pullman Hotel as well, with a variety of shops, tourist information. Also nearby is the Liverpool big wheel and the Echo arena, which hosts a number of concerts and comedy acts.

How To Stay In Central London On A BUDGET

If I say staying in London is a very expensive thing to do, that will surprise absolutely no one. I think everybody knows that. But it is possible to do it on a budget. It just depends on where you look for your accommodation. If you’re on holiday, one of the best places you can stay in terms of area is South Kensington, because there is so much here. But it is going to be very expensive to stay here and it’s not possible on a budget. At least you’d think so because there is a very surprising accommodation block here which is enabling all holiday makers to stay at a fairly reasonable price and I’m going to show you what that looks like.

Now this looks like a really nice hotel slap bang in the middle of London, when in fact it is Imperial College’s four star student accommodation. Bet you didn’t think I was going to say that. Fun fact, my career background was higher education, and I used to work for Imperial College London, but never saw the student accommodation, you know, not being a student and all.

The first room I got to see was a shared twin and it was intriguing to me to see, because to me this room feels really American because I don’t remember having dual beds when I was at university myself, but in America we did have the setup for on campus accommodation, so it’s really interesting to see it here in the UK.

The room was even kitted out with tea and coffee making facilities and the bathroom was a pretty decent size as well I thought. They had cute Imperial branded shampoos and soaps and conditioners, which I asked and they don’t give these to the students. You only get them if you’re a guest during the summer. For me, the highlight of this room was definitely the view because it was so adorable. You can see the back streets on the roofs of London.

The next one was an individual single, and look how much light is coming in through these windows. It’s absolutely incredible. I had no idea that Imperial had four star accommodation that looked like this. Definitely better than my university days.

Imperial College is all about minimizing your carbon footprint and so they’ve even got signs up to help you with that. The bathroom seemed a little bigger than the twin, but the shower was still exactly the same and this room even had a window that didn’t open all the way but was so nice to open because of the breeze that then came through. I

t’s so light and airy in here and it’s great to be able to open the window a little bit to let some breeze because it is kind of hot, this English summer. Yeah, it’s a really, really cute room. I kind of wish this had been my uni room. I’d have been so happy with this.

And in terms of a room for going on holiday, it’s just got everything. Like I never really thought about it before. But yeah, university room, as soon as it’s kitted out with the bedding and the bathroom stuff, it has everything that you actually need to enjoy the rest of London. Plus, to be honest, you don’t really spend as much time in the hotel or you shouldn’t really when you’re on holiday or vacationing in London. You should be out and about doing things, so it’s just a really nice place to crash at the end of a really fun day out.

If you’re traveling with someone and don’t mind sharing a bed or you just want to spread out a little bit more, they have a double option, which I thought was very nice, again, but they also have a premiere double. There is so much space and for this kind of sized room in another hotel in South Kensington, it would cost you an arm and a leg.

Like the other bedrooms it was kitted out with the bedding and the towels and it had a nice size bathroom. Amazing. The single bedroom is really great and manageable and will be cheaper than this because this is a premiere double. But the room in here is phenomenal, doesn’t even look like students were ever here. That’s the amazing thing. You know like students tack up things on the walls and they ruin everything. I can say this having been a student and having worked at lots of different universities in hall director roles, but yeah, you know students do all kinds of stuff to their rooms to modify and make it their own and it doesn’t look like a student was ever here.

Another benefit of staying in Imperial student accommodation is the fact that there is a bar just downstairs. East Side I’ve gone to many a time as a worker, so it was so strange to be back, but it’s got such a good vibe.

Everybody’s there having a drink, having a chat, just so cool, and so convenient. An extra add-on you can opt in for is access to the gym as well. Again, it’s in the same area of Princess Gardens so you don’t have to go far and you don’t have to miss out on your exercise regime. It’s super modern and compared to other gyms, it is so, so cheap. It is such a good deal.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that’s staying in student accommodation on a budget is amazing, just look how well connected this place is. You could go to Imperial College because it’s just here, but I don’t know why you would want to on your holiday. You might be more interested in Hyde Park, which is literally just up there. Or, there’s even more down this way.

Literally just down the road you have the Science Museum, which pulls in massive crowds. It’s such a big draw. You also have the V&A Museum if you’re feeling particularly artistic, and then my favorite museum, probably of all the big ones that you have in London, the Natural History Museum. Seriously, seriously go. It’s so incredible.

Because I used to work at Imperial College I know this area fairly well and I can definitely recommend a few restaurants in this area. There are loads of places along Gloucester Road. I put a link to the description of an article that I’ve actually written about it already, but here specifically near South Kensington Station, here are a few recommendations.

For a really good Thai meal, I would recommend Thai Square. There are always people sitting outside Pierino, and it is great particularly in the summer months so that you can sit outside. Tombo is a friend of mine’s absolute favorite Japanese restaurant in London. Down the south end of Exhibition Road there are a lot of restaurants. There’s lots of choices for you to choose from and there are also some little individual places where they sell chocolate and ice creams and just many things for snacks.

But the restaurant I would recommend here is Comptoir Libanais. I absolutely love it. Not sure if I’m pronouncing it correctly though. So if staying at Imperial College’s accommodation block is at all of interest to you, I’ve got all the links you need in the description below. Totally check it out before you book your next trip here to London.

England Hotel Tour Ibis Hotel – Liverpool Centre Albert Dock

Okay. So tonight we’re going to stay at this Ibis in Liverpool. And it’s located right across from the pier. and it’s right on the corner. So it’s situated… This is supposed to be a nice area. It’s supposed to be lit up at night, and it’s supposed to look really pretty. And they have a Ferris wheel across the street. So anyway, that’s where we’re staying for tonight in Liverpool.

We’re in Room 205. And you have-

You lock yourself out.

Hello. You have a key card to use to get in. And it looks very, very modern. This is the restroom, I’m assuming? Yes. Oh wow, that’s cool looking. Look at the floor.

That looks like a mobile home or a camper.

Oh, look at the… It feels like you, it has the shampoo and they’re built in. Which I don’t mind that. And there was the towel for the floor. And then there’s your little toilet. I would rather have plastic caps that are wrapped. I like that. While we’re in Canada’s because they’re wrapped. Their plastic wrap caps. There’s your toilet paper, regular toilet paper. Or you have a towel.

You see the squeeze soap?

Squeeze soap, yeah I saw that in there. There was only one towel in here. I’m wondering if we’ll get another one. If we don’t it’s okay. Okay, so that’s the whole potty area. And here’s the room. We have a good bed. Here’s a mirror, which I look like death.

Oh, we have another towel, yay. Oh, that’s a nice size closet.

Extra pillow.

Extra pillow. Hairdryer. Coat hangers. Yeah, I really like that closet. So if you’re staying here for a few days, you could just stack everything up.

One thing I like, plugs are where we can reach them.

Yes. I love this area.

The other ones, it has buried underneath the… The last point, was buried underneath. I really like them where you can-

I like this area with the chair. There’s a little [crosstalk 00:02:33] See right there, there’s the… I like that also that the lamps are up here, rather than taking up space on the bedside table. They were taking up space at the last one. Here it has a kettle with teabags and coffee. And here’s the television. Is the cable plugged in?

The cables are actually hooked up.

The cable’s hooked up if we want to watch TV. So here’s what it looks from back here. So it’s a very modern, and I guess that’s their…

Air conditioner.

Air conditioner. Can you turn on the heat or?

I mean it’s just got warm [crosstalk 00:03:16].

Okay. So there’s the rooms. We’ll have to let you know, do we get breakfast or anything with it, do you know?

It comes with breakfast I think. It’s just like this…

But we do get breakfast here.

We’re getting breakfast.

So I will be showing you tomorrow morning, I will be showing you breakfast. And then I can tell you how we liked the bathroom and the bed and all that stuff. And I’ll let you see where we are. We’re in 205, so we’re only up on the second floor, but this is our view. Really we’re kind of tucked away. We’re right off of the main, I think the main street’s like out this way. But there’s a building there. So really you’re just seeing a side street, but we don’t care. What are we here for? Two nights?

Just one night.

Oh it’s just one night. Oh, that’s right. Just one night. So we’re all here one night anyway, so we don’t care if we’re looking at the lot.

Right we came in on that street.

Right, on this street right here. We don’t care if we’re looking at a parking lot or not for just one night.

So here’s the bar, and here’s seating.

Okay, I just got out of the shower, but there’s a few things that I want to comment on before I forget. Number one, this is an open garbage can. This is what we’re used to in the United States. I really, really like that. It’s easier. You don’t have to push down on anything with your foot. You don’t have to lift up with your hand. You don’t have to touch it at all. You just put the garbage in there. It’s very, very simple. I really like this shower. Oh, and they have the hygiene bags here, just like we’ve seen in other places. You just take a little bag out and put your little feminine products in there if you have them. I really like this shower. This is the first place we’ve been that has not had bathtub. I don’t care. Kevin doesn’t care. We don’t take baths.

I really like this shower head. It goes up and down for Kevin and I. He’s taller, I’m shorter. We can move it up and down, and it comes off. So you can pull the head off of there, and adjust it towards your bottom or adjust it towards wherever you want to adjust it. And you can get anywhere you want to get with that, and then put it right back. So I really like that, because we have one at home like that that comes off.

Also last thing, I really liked this soap. This soap has a great smell to it. It says Planet 21 on the bottom. I guess if you live in the area you’re familiar with this. This is the same thing. I like it that you literally just squeeze it out of here. A little bit comes out. And it’s good for your shampoo, for your body and everything. And I like how it is clear on the side to indicate how much is left. I think that’s just a very nice system. So those were just a couple of things that I noticed I wanted to share with you.

So it is the next morning. We slept at the Ibis that you saw just a few seconds ago. You saw me talking about the shower and the bathroom. The bed was comfortable. It was firm, the mattress was. We had a really comfortable nights stay. It wasn’t as squishy as like Premiere, but it wasn’t as uncomfortable as the last place we stayed. So I would tell you it was a good nights sleep. It really was. It was very, very comfortable. So we are getting ready to go downstairs. You get a continental breakfast. I’m going to show you what you get. I will show you what’s on my plate. And then that will be the end of this review. And then we’re going to someplace new today, and that will start in a new video, even though it’s today. I wanted to finish up this hotel before we move on. So you will a see breakfast, and then there’s going to be a new video. So I hope you keep watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed these.

Okay, so this is the continental breakfast. When you start out getting your plate and your bowl. And Kevin’s going to get mine and his this morning. They have salt and pepper here. Kevin, why don’t you get some salt and pepper? Salt and pepper here. And your utensils. They have mayonnaise, ketchup and HP sauce always. And then over here you can get coffee and juice.

Over here that they have lugs of bread and you can taste your own bread. And then they have jams. And looks like some flour curlos? I don’t know why you would put those. I don’t know why you’d put those in your breakfast. It’s different. They have rice krispies, corn flakes. There’s muffins over there. Oh, oh, they’re empty. So they have double chocolate muffins and toffee muffins. And I do think I’m going to get me a toffee muffin. This is the ham. They just filled it up.

Okay, so I can comment on one thing, is that these have been empty for quite a while. And we’ve been waiting. Everyone else is… A lot of people are seated and eating, and we’ve been waiting for them to come out and put food in these, and it’s been quite awhile. So they’re out of eggs, they’re out of sausages. Yeah, seeing him going through there looking? People want food and there is none.

So this is the coffee machine, and you’ve got to pick which one. Cappuccino and chocolate and like a Mocha or something like that. Black coffee. I’ll pick chocolate.

So they did finally put sausages out there, but they’ve still not put any eggs out of there. So I don’t know if we’ll be having eggs for breakfast this morning.

So this is what the eggs look like. Thank you. We waited about a half an hour for them to get here. They’re very slow.

Radisson Blu- Glasgow


Raddison Blu, Glasgow

The Raddison Blu is a perfect place to set up base whilst on your trip to Glasgow. Situated perfectly in the centre of Glasgow with top restaurants and bars as well as the vibrant Glasgow nightlife only walking distance away. With Glasgow Central station only across the road and the top entertainment venue The SSE Hydro situated only a mile away this is the ideal hotel to meet all your needs whilst in Glasgow . Not to mention the 247 rooms and suites they have to offer ranging from standard rooms to top suites.

Rooms and Suites

The Radisson Blu has lots to offer from the standard room, superior room or premium room which are all fully equipped with Free WiFi, TV with mirror casting and a steam iron and ironing board. If you are searching for that extra bit of luxury then why not book one of the suites, these give you the ultimate luxurious feel. These include the above features included in the standard to premium rooms as well as your own separate sitting area and your own Nespresso coffee machine. However The Apartment is the ultimate home from home. This overlooks the city offering breathtaking views of Glasgow as well as having your own kitchen and two separate lounge areas.


The Grahamston Bar –

At Grahamston bar you can sit and watch the hustle and bustle of the busy Glasgow city centre whilst relaxing and enjoying a bite to eat and and choosing from a number of beers, ales, wines or cocktails.  A range of spirits from around the world are also available or if you would like to sample the Scottish culture there is a range of whiskies. This is the perfect place to relax, meet friends, have food or even pop in for a drink after a long day at work to let your hair down. The bar closes at midnight however if you are a guest it is open 24 hours so you can come in for a nightcap after being out enjoying a few drinks or sampling the vibrant Glasgow nightlife.

Collage Corner Bar –

The Collage Corner Bar is a perfect place to nip in grab a bite to eat and drink. With live sports on show and a variety of music you could relax and enjoy a few drinks.


The state of the art bathrooms at the Radisson Blu supplied and installed by Entirely Bathrooms with modern luxurious and top quality appliances. These up to date, high class bathroom appliances from the sinks to the bath will do more that meet every need you have during your stay at the Radisson but will do it to the highest standard. The stunning designs of the showers also supplied and fitted by EntirelyBathrooms provide everything you need. These showers are not only just wonderfully designed but they are also very practical and operate to the utmost efficiency.

Contact Us

If you would like to find out more about this Raddison Blu or book a room then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Important Things to Know Before Booking a London Hotel Book Your London Hotel series

About to book your hotel in London? Well, here are some important things that you should know before you do it. By the way, if you’re new here I’m [Jess 00:00:11], and I make videos for people who are coming to visit London. This video is part of my Book Your London Hotel series.

There’s no best area to stay in. There are lots of great areas to stay in in London, and each of them offers something different for a different type of traveler. If you need recommendations of where to start your search, I have a couple of videos that I will point you to at the end of this video that will help you out.

Hotels are relatively expensive. You’ve chosen to visit one of the most expensive cities in the world, and so the hotel prices do reflect that so you’ll just need to manage your expectations and expect to get a lot less for your money here than in most other parts of the world.

Central London is the most expensive, so all of the hotels that are in the most central part of London, which is near the major sights and attractions. relatively speaking. Those ones are going to get you the least for your money so if you’re on a budget, then I would start to expand your search outside of that very center.

We have all of the major hotel chains here in London, but we also have some really great boutique hotel chains like the Firmdale Hotels and citizenM. Don’t be afraid to branch out from the names that you usually know and usually stay with.

Always book a hotel that is just a few minutes walk from a Tube station. Some hotels will advertise that they’re a short bus ride away from the Tube, but actually, a bus ride can add a ton of time onto your travel time if there’s traffic or if it just doesn’t come very often. Your best bet is to always make sure you’re staying within about a five-minute walk of a Tube station. It’ll cut down on your travel time significantly.

If you’re planning to party on a Friday or a Saturday night when you’re in London, then you can save yourself some money by staying near one of the stations that’s part of the Night Tube which runs all night on Friday and Saturday nights. That way you won’t have to pay for taxis to get back to your hotel. I’ll leave a link in the description of the video that will tell you which stations and which lines are part of the Night Tube.

The best area and the best hotel to stay in in London totally depends on you. Just figure out what you want to get out of your trip. Do you want to be right by all the major sights and attractions, or do you want a little bit more of a local experience? That will help you to figure out which area is going to best for you and also which hotel.

If you need some recommendations for areas to start your search in, I have two videos as part of this Book Your London Hotel series which you can watch by clicking the card that’s popping up right below me.

Of these… Uh, I got distracted.

Tube, the right… [inaudible 00:02:59].

No, I’m going to start again. Ahhh, what am I trying to say?

Just give it a second. All the taxis…

Ibis Hotel Glasgow

Okay, we are in Glasgow, and this is our hotel for the night. This is another Ibis. We just left one Ibis, and now we’re going to stay in this one. This one is a bit more colorful than the last one we left. I will let you know how it went in the morning.

We are in room 434 tonight. We’re once again in Glasgow. Did it not work?

Like I said, we’re in room 434. This looks pretty much exactly like the one that we just left, except the colors are different. The show is exactly the same, so it’s good that we’ll be familiar with everything. The chair’s a different color. And here’s how it looks outside. I guess this is the big difference, is the view. You can see we’ve got a room with quite the view. Looks like there’s an old building next to us here, and then an office complex across the way, so we will have to make sure we close our curtains before we change our clothes.

Kevin’s just bringing everything in. This probably won’t be much of a review. It looks like they gave us two pillows in this room. It looks like an extra garbage can here.

Kevin likes having two garbage cans. One in the room, one in the bathroom. Not just one in the bathroom.

The bathroom looks exactly the same.

Yeah, it’s identical.

This is the reception area, and there’s the desk, and there’s a bar area. This will be where they have breakfast in the morning. Got to be this-

Kevin’s already been downstairs one time because the key wouldn’t work in the door.

I’ve been swiping like 10 minutes.

Yeah, you have to swipe it a whole lot.

Later, when I flush the toilet, I’m going to flush the toilet for you on video, because-

You’ll appreciate it.

Yes, you will appreciate this. I was thinking when we first got here, I thought, “Well this is another Ibis. Should I review this Ibis, because we just stayed in an Ibis?” But this will be a different experience because apparently, because it’s Friday night, it gets really, really rowdy in this area. Apparently it can be noisy. As a matter of fact, I’ll tell you what they left on the night table. But there’s just different little quirks about every place, so it will be a different experience even though it’s the same name hotel. Hopefully their breakfast here will be under better control than at our last Ibis. That was disappointing. They really let people hanging with breakfast.

But they left this on the night stand. Those, because it’s to… It says, “Some people like the sounds of the city, but if you prefer the sound of silence, you can use these with our compliments.” So apparently it gets noisy around here.

I want to make note that they gave us coffee and tea, and they actually gave us little biscuits here, but we’re not going to take them. They’re all butter shortbread biscuits. We’re just going to leave them there. But there’s no kettle. There’s no kettle to make it with.

Anyway, we flushed the toilet earlier, and it was so loud that I have to do it again for you on film because you won’t believe me. Kevin, flush it. Here goes.

And we have lift off. We’re in space. We’re not really still in the bathroom.

Do you think I’m going to be sneaking in here in the middle of the night to go pee?

Well it is morning. We spent the night in the hotel, of course, in the bed. Slept just fine. We actually didn’t have any problems going to sleep at all. I guess they’re worried about… Maybe in certain parts of the building, it’s probably louder outside noise. In our part of the building, we’re on the very end, so we did not have any problem with noise. However, we did have problems with WiFi. Kevin doesn’t know if that’s because we’re on the end or not. We could step out into the hall and it would get a little bit better, but still, the WiFi wasn’t great in this room.

It does need some updating. We’ve already gone over the toilet. I just think it’s so funny, and you have to wait til the end until it really takes off. I’m going to step into the shower. The room really just needs some updating. You see this on the handle? Right there, where it’s chipped off? That kind of hurts your hand. You just kind of have to be aware of stuff like that.

You can tell that it’s a little rough around the edges, that it’s been here for a little while. Just things here and there make it look older. They could replace that shower head, things like that. Is that all I was going to mention?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

The noise. The noise it didn’t bother us. But right now, we’re going to go downstairs for the continental breakfast. I’ll show you what they have. Hopefully they have better control over their breakfast than the last one we were at, because the last one, they were slow. You’ll see it in just a second.

That’s the sound of our toilet out in the hall. We waited to flush it til we were going downstairs to eat breakfast. It hasn’t even taken off yet.

They have the same muffins that they had at the last place. Those are good muffins.

They had two different kinds of the other one. They had toffee and chocolate.

Oh, really?

Oh yeah. They’re really-

Is this toffee?

Yeah, one of them.

Where’s the toffee?

It says it on here. It should say it. Here’s the chocolate.

Toffee? I don’t know.

Look back there in the back. Those are lighter. They had toffee at the other place, but they might not-

It’s blueberry.

Blueberry. Yum, that sounds good.

Can you see any plates?

Over here, there’s bowls. I think there might be plates in the middle. There’s cheese and meat and it looks like yogurt and butter. There was actually fresh fruit, which is cool. Over here, you have cereal, jams for your toast. Stuff to put in your cereal. You have your breads, and you can toast your bread. They have gluten-free bread, which is nice. They have tomato, eggs. Looks like sausages, beans. They have ham, which they call bacon. And plates. Then over there they have the coffee.

This is what Kevin got. He got bacon-

The same thing I got every day.

Bacon, which is ham. Two sausages and eggs. And he got some orange juice. I’ll show you mine in just a second.

I got a blueberry muffin and a toffee muffin. And this is a late macchiato. I was hoping they would have hot chocolate like the last place, but they didn’t, so hopefully I’ll like this.

We just finished breakfast and we came back up to the room just to get the rest of our stuff. I wanted to tell you just to finish out this place that the breakfast here was much, much, much better-

Organized a little this time.

Yes. They had lots of food. They had fresh fruit. Everything was just well stocked. The yogurt.

Yeah, they had plenty of everything.

Yes, they had plenty of everything. They kept it well stocked, and there were a lot more people here than at the last place. Anyway, as far as that went, it was nicer. As far as everything else goes, I couldn’t recommend staying here just because I just think it needs an upgrade. There’s some little things that they could do. Mainly the water system, whatever that is. And we’re not the only ones that had a loud toilet. We sat with some people this morning who told us that their toilet was pretty loud as well.

Just didn’t last as long, or that loud.

The whole place just kind of needs a little bit of an upgrade.

This is going to be the end of this day, and I’m going to start a new day on my video, and so I hope you will tune in for that one.

Check now for more information on hotel availability in Glasgow.