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Review Surtees Hotel, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

There’s the Surtees sign on Dean Street, above the green [inaudible 00:00:17]. But to get to it, on foot, don’t go down there. Go on the archway here and turn right. Welcome to room four of the Surtees Hotel in Central Newcastle upon Tyne, Northern England. I’ve just arrived. Had a fairly traumatic time finding […]

Clayton Hotel – Birmingham (Was La Tour) Room Tour

Hi, everyone. I’m Emma, and today I will be showing you some clips that I’ve put together of a hotel that we stayed in back in April of this year. The hotel is called the Clayton hotel, which is in Birmingham in England. This was our second stay at this hotel, and we will definitely […]

The Pullman Hotel Liverpool & What’s Nearby

Today we’re going to be visiting the Pullman Hotel in Liverpool and showing you a bit about the hotel and what’s nearby. So we’re about to go into the Pullman Hotel. And we get to the reception. And that’s the bar and Dukes restaurant. Welcome to the Pullman Hotel, this is the executive suite. As […]

How To Stay In Central London On A BUDGET

If I say staying in London is a very expensive thing to do, that will surprise absolutely no one. I think everybody knows that. But it is possible to do it on a budget. It just depends on where you look for your accommodation. If you’re on holiday, one of the best places you can […]

England Hotel Tour Ibis Hotel – Liverpool Centre Albert Dock

Okay. So tonight we’re going to stay at this Ibis in Liverpool. And it’s located right across from the pier. and it’s right on the corner. So it’s situated… This is supposed to be a nice area. It’s supposed to be lit up at night, and it’s supposed to look really pretty. And they have […]

Ibis Hotel Glasgow

Okay, we are in Glasgow, and this is our hotel for the night. This is another Ibis. We just left one Ibis, and now we’re going to stay in this one. This one is a bit more colorful than the last one we left. I will let you know how it went in the morning. […]